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Risk Management Analyst

Job Title
Risk Management Analyst
Job ID
Irving,  TX
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Role Overview:
An experienced Analyst with exposure to Enterprise Risk Management process mapping of cross-functional, cross-geographic, and cross-portfolio organizations with many concurrent projects. This role entails working within various departments across AML functions and Cards products to assess current workflow processes and mitigate risk. Recommendations could vary from small changes in processes, system changes, to creating new processes.

The ideal person will join the NAM Cards AML Program team to work closely on assigned projects with department managers and staff members using a consultative approach to investigate and bring improvement in their work flow processes whilst understanding the company’s, big picture strategic plan.

Strong leadership skills will be required to act as the assigned functional lead to proactively manage and document end-to-end process to support COSO framework through to implementation.

This role will drive improvement and innovation across the company using lean methodology linked to leading technology advancements.

Expectations of Role:
• Proven workshop facilitation experience to discover and discuss improvement opportunities from high performing work groups
• Proactively identifies and communicates risks within the existing enterprise framework
• Delivers detailed analysis, process mapping and documentation of existing framework and identified gaps
• Effectively coordinating with internal stakeholders and suppliers throughout the solution implementation life cycle while taking ownership
• Ability to manage time and assigned tasks independently and in a team setting
• Communicate effectively within all levels of the business
• Adaptable to accommodate changing business requirements and communicate around change positively
• Be agile in their own style to assess and consult on multiple projects concurrently


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