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Marketing Campaign Manager

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Marketing Campaign Manager
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Long Island City,  NY
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C2G Partners is currently searching for a Marketing Campaign Manager for our financial services client.  The Consultant is responsible for ensuring quality end to end execution of the campaigns in accordance with the existing procedures set in place:

  • Provide creative and project management skills to help deliver the communication strategy set in place.
  • Liaise with various cross-functional teams, to help ensure successful implementation of marketing campaigns:
    • Manage the bi-annual creative routing internally and identifying required approvals from various teams.
    • Ensure all required updates are incorporated, as well as ensuring the creative still aligns to intended creative strategies.
  • Ensure timely and correct file transfer and delivery between client and the production vendor.
  • Coordinate the final quality control audit before the communications are deployed to customers.
  • Responsible for auditing and validating all aspects of the pre-and post notification communications.

Consultant works closely with the project management team on managing the monthly direct mail schedule with the purpose of ensuring all deliverables are met on time with accuracy and quality.

This consultant is also expected to coordinate with Control and Compliance Departments to assure consistent evaluation and updating of policies and procedures for the purpose of ensuring a robust control environment.

Required Skills:

  • Experience in managing direct marketing campaigns
  • Detail oriented and able to critically apply all required updates across multi-channel creatives
  • Strategic thinking and is able to present viable solutions when issues arise
  • Ability to adhere to difficult and demanding timelines, as well as accurately manage client’s expectations
  • Flexible in working with many cross-functional team members
  • Ability to take direction while also working independently
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Quick learner
  • Team player and willing to contribute outside of outlined responsibilities
  • Communicate accurately status updates
  • Previous coordination with legal and compliance teams preferred

C2G Partners is a member of Whitegate Capital Partners' family of investments